(American, 1884-1958)

Unloading Lumber at the Waterfront

Oil on canvas, 32 1/4 x 40 1/4 inches

Signed at lower right: “CHARLES DROGKAMP”

Inscribed in composition: (on boat) “JEAN/NEW YORK”; (on crane housing) “2-1-39”

Label on frame: (handwritten in ink) “The National Academy/113th Annual/1938”; “Waterfront/$750.00/CHARLES DROGKAMP/135 N. SWALL DR. L.A.[36]”; (underneath other label) “CHARLES DROGKAMP/155 N. SWALL DR/[LO]S ANGE[LES] 36/CALIF”

Exhibited: One Hundred and Fourteenth Annual Exhibition (The National Academy of Design, NY), 1940 as “Waterfront”; Paintings by Charles Drogkamp (Carnegie Hall Art Gallery, NY), 1940

Illustrated: The Art Digest, December 1, 1940 (Vol. XV No. 5), p. 17

While there is a label on the frame from the National Academy dated 1938, Drogkamp exhibited a different painting there that year. Presumably, he re-used the frame for the present work. The numbering on the crane in the composition might be construed as the date the work was executed, and the name on the boat in the composition is that of his wife.

About the Artist

(American, 1884-1958)

Born in Chicago in about 1884 (census and selective service records disagree), Drogkamp studied at the Art Academy in Chicago under John Francis Smith. In 1913 he married fellow artist Jean Carson. While they were in Chicago for some time, by the 1930s they were advertising their Drogkamp Studios of Art Instruction at Carnegie Hall in New York. The couple travelled for several years in South and Central America as evidenced by a 1937 anouncement in The Art Digest that they were resuming instruction in both fine and commercial art. His one-man show at the Carnegie Hall Art Gallery in 1940 featured a number of works which were products of this trip. The couple moved their school and studio to Los Angeles in 1942 where they stayed for the remainder of their careers.