The Green Tree: Highlights from the Collection of the Mutual Assurance Company of Philadelphia - April 2007
I am honored to have the Schwarz Gallery present these highlights from the collection of the Mutual Assurance Company of Philadelphia. These works constitute a significant part of Philadelphia history, a subject that has long been a major focus of the gallery. The collection comprises works by some of the most talented portraitists who worked in Philadelphia, and their sitters are equally significant because they were prominent figures in the city. The fire memorabilia, consisting of rare examples of parade hats, fire buckets, horns, and model engines, adds an important dimension to the exhibition. It has been a fascinating experience to work with this collection, and my satisfaction at seeing it being acquired by art organizations and collectors will be tinged by a degree of sadness.

I would like to thank everyone who helped with this catalog and all of the work that went into it. Robert Torchia, who has been researching and writing many of our catalogs, has now joined us full time, this being his first catalog in his new role. As always, without Matthew North none of this could have come together. I have come to rely on his skill and his eye and he is a valuable member of the gallery. I also would like to thank James Glazer and Jonathan Trace for sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm for fire memorabilia, an area that is a little out of the norm for the gallery.

Finally, I proudly announce the addition of another Schwarz to the gallery’s staff. In a multi-generational business it is always exciting when a family member decides to join. I thus welcome my wife Deepali Schwarz, who has found her stride in a very short amount of time, and is on her way to becoming an integral part of the business. I would also like to thank my mother Pamela Schwarz and grandmother Marie Schwarz for their unwavering support.

—Robert Schwarz, Jr.

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