New Jersey Remembered: A Seventy-fifth Anniversary; Philadelphia Collection 75; October 2005
Schwarz Gallery - Catalog 75 - New Jersery Remembered: Seventy-fifth Anniversary Exhibition - Introduction

Schwarz Antiques Exterior, Atlantic City (1930s)
Schwarz Antiques Exterior, Atlantic City (1930s)
Twentieth-century artists include Richard Blossom Farley (1875–1954), the Impressionist Jonas Lie (1880–1940), Leonid Gechtoff (1883–1941), the modernists Leon Kelly (1901–1982) and Morris Atkinson Blackburn (1902–1979), and Frank Licini (dates unknown).

Some works in the exhibition were executed by people who were not preeminently painters, such as the stained glass designers William Lees Judson (1842–1928) and Nicola D’Ascenzo (1871–1954), the architects George Harrison Freedley (1860–1932) and George Spencer Morris (1867–1922), the interior designer Edward Stratton Holloway (1859–1939), and the illustrators Joseph Boggs Beale (1841–1926), Paul R. Koehler (1866–1909), and Frank E. Schoonover (1877–1972).

Individual catalogue entries are arranged in chronological order by the artist’s date of birth. In instances where the artist’s dates are unknown, I have interspersed entries in the most logical chronological order based on a presumed birth date or stylistic criteria. When dealing with relatively obscure artists, I have included a footnote that refers readers to Peter Hastings Falk, ed., Who Was Who in American Art, 1564–1975: 400 Years of Artists in America, 3 vols. (Madison, Conn.: Soundview Press, 1999), which is abbreviated as WWWAA, followed by the appropriate volume number and page reference. I have generally tried to avoid duplicating Falk’s bibliographic references by citing a source only if I have quoted directly from it, or if he does not mention it. In the case of well-known artists, I refer readers to the most recent monograph or exhibition catalogue instead of Who Was Who in American Art. Unless otherwise noted, all of the historical information about sites in New Jersey is derived from New Jersey: A Guide to Its Present and Past (New York: Viking Press, 1939; reprint, New Brunswick, N.J.: Rutgers University Press, 1989).

—Robert Wilson Torchia

Robert Wilson Torchia is a specialist in nineteenth- and twentieth-century American art who received his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 1989. He is particularly interested in the art and history of Philadelphia, was guest curator of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania’s exhibition John Neagle, Portrait Painter of Philadelphia (1989), and has published a series of exhibition catalogues devoted to the Smith family, as well as articles on Thomas Eakins and Thomas Sully. He is also the author of the Systematic Catalogue of Nineteenth-Century American Painting, Volume N-Z, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. (1998). Torchia works as a paintings expert for Doyle New York Auctioneers & Appraisers.

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