New Jersey Remembered: A Seventy-fifth Anniversary; Philadelphia Collection 75; October 2005
Schwarz Gallery - Catalog 75 - New Jersery Remembered: Seventy-fifth Anniversary Exhibition - Introduction

Frank Schwarz in front of the shop, Atlantic City (1930s)
Frank Schwarz in front of the shop,
Atlantic City (1930s)
Robert’s eldest son, Robert D. Schwarz, Jr., attended the Shipley School in Bryn Mawr and graduated from Villanova University in 1999. He worked as a senior technical engineer for online stock trading websites, but the allure of the family business soon proved irresistible, and he joined the gallery in 2002. “Robert Jr.” became the firm’s third-generation president after his father’s untimely death from cancer in 2004. Dedicated to perpetuating the gallery’s long tradition of excellence and expertise, he is currently modernizing its facilities and using his considerable technological skills to give it a greater presence on the Internet. He is committed to continuing the gallery’s dedication to scholarship and supervised the production of its most recent sales catalogue, The Poetic Impulse: Robert Kirtland Mygatt (2005). By organizing the present exhibition and its accompanying catalogue, Robert has brought to fruition a project that was originally envisioned by his father.

This exhibition consists of seventy-five paintings and drawings, each of which symbolizes a year that the Schwarz Gallery has been in business. All of these works, which range from the late eighteenth through the late twentieth century, have a strong connection with New Jersey in that they represent people or places in the state and were painted by artists who were born there, resided there, or worked there at some point in their careers. The artists are considered American despite a wide range of national origins. The sole exception is the British artist William Constable (1783–1861), who made his sketch of the Great Falls of the Passaic during an extensive tour of the United States in 1806. The full range of subject matter comprises marine and landscape views, portraits, still lifes, and sporting pictures.

Native New Jersey artists and longtime residents are represented by William C. Bonnell (1804–1865) of Clinton, Charles Spencer Humphreys (1818–1880) of Moorestown, George Emerick Essig (1838–1926) of Atlantic City, Frank Waller (1842–1923) of Morristown, Frederick H. Clark (1862–1947) of Trenton, J. D. Sorver (dates unknown) of Haddonfield, the obscure David M. Krick (dates unknown) of Newark, Edith Lucile Howard (1885–1960) of Moorestown, the eccentric Hugh H. Campbell (c. 1905–c. 1995) of Mount Holly, and the contemporary artist Daniel Chard (born 1939) of Woodstown. Particularly noteworthy among the native New Jersey artists are the rare still-life and trompe l’oeil subjects by the women Amelia Rumsey Patterson (born 1869) of Salem, Cecilia A. Cain (dates unknown) of Bordentown, and the mysterious Ella N. Griffith (dates unknown), who was probably from Orange.

Some of the most prominent nineteenth-century Philadelphia landscape and marine painters vacationed in and around Atlantic City. Included in the exhibition are works by Thomas Birch (1779–1851), George Robert Bonfield (1805–1898), James Hamilton (1819–1878), Herman Herzog (1832–1932), William Trost Richards (1833–1905), Edmund Darch Lewis (1835–1910), and Xanthus Smith (1839–1929). Lesser-known names include Johann Hermann Carmiencke (1810–1867), Frederick De Bourg Richards (1822–1903), Newbold Hough Trotter (1827–1898), and Peter Caledon Cameron (dates unknown). Portraits by Christian Gullager (1759–1826), Oliver Tarbell Eddy (1799–1868), and William E. Winner (c. 1815–1883) depict residents of Freehold, Newark, and Bordentown, respectively.


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