New Jersey Remembered: A Seventy-fifth Anniversary; Philadelphia Collection 75; October 2005
Schwarz Gallery - Catalog 75 - New Jersery Remembered: Seventy-fifth Anniversary Exhibition - Preface & Acknowledgments
This year commemorates the Schwarz Gallery’s seventy-fifth anniversary. I wanted to honor this event with a project that both remembered our past and celebrated our future. It seemed only fitting that we would put together an exhibition that had been on my father’s mind for nearly twenty-five years and would have special meaning given the gallery’s beginnings in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The exhibition consists of paintings and drawings by nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century artists who either were born in New Jersey or represented the state in their works. It happened to transpire that our seventy-fifth anniversary exhibition would feature our seventy-fifth catalogue and contain seventy-five paintings.

Long before I joined the gallery in 2002, this exhibition had been a part of my life. I recall little detours during family vacations that would lead us to an old antique shop where my father would admire a stack of dusty paintings in the corner, or to the home of an avid collector with so many paintings that they were piled against the wall. Every once in a while he would find something of interest, and on even rarer occasions he would find something for the “Jersey Catalogue.” These words always meant something special to my father. He always had a dozen different catalogues in various stages of development in his mind, but the “Jersey Catalogue” was exceptional. It made no difference how much he wanted to sell a painting; he was always willing to put a work aside for that catalogue. The project was so important to him, in fact, that he never completed it—always looking for that next great painting.

I would like to thank many people for their help and encouragement in this endeavor. Matthew North, Christine Poole, and Nathan Rutkowski are an invaluable support team. I can count on all of them to put forth their best effort in every circumstance, and this catalogue would not exist without them. Dr. Robert Torchia has combined a wealth of knowledge and research in his text, upholding the high standards of the Schwarz Gallery catalogues for scholarship and interest. As always, we would fall apart here at the gallery without Betty Mondros and her straightforward attitude. My family—Marie, Pamela, Elizabeth, and Jonathan Schwarz—always provide unwavering support and excellent advice. I am grateful to Deepali Verma, my fiancée, for her unique insight into the art world, which I have grown to depend on, and for her encouragement at even the most stressful times. Special thanks also go to: Alice Boggs, librarian of the Salem County Historical Society, Salem, New Jersey; Edward Burke, Jr., Old Tennant Church in Freehold; Claire Constable, biographer of William and Daniel Constable; David Judson, descendant of William Lees Judson; Terry Karschner of the New Jersey Historic Preservation Office, Trenton, who generously provided much useful information; Karl Kusserow, curatorial assistant for American collections at the Princeton University Art Museum; Cheryl Leibold, Archivist of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia; Dorothy Lodovic, Atlantic County Historical Society; David B. Rowland, President of the Old York Road Historical Society in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania; and Katherine Tassini, Librarian, Haddonfield Historical Society in Haddonfield, New Jersey.

New Jersey Remembered has been a long time in the making, and I am proud to be the member of the Schwarz family who is responsible for bringing it to completion. I am confident that this is a milestone that we will look back on with pride at our one-hundredth anniversary.

—Robert D. Schwarz, Jr.

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