Robertson Kirtland Mygatt; Philadelphia Collection 74; March 2005
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This catalogue gives us a look into an artist who has remained relatively unknown for many years. I would like to thank the people involved in bringing him into the light. Foremost I would like to thank Robert Torchia for his research and expertise in putting the body of the catalogue together. This has been a project many years in the making and he couldn’t have been more helpful, especially during the later stages in which I was involved. As always the catalogue couldn’t have been completed without our excellent staff. Betty Mondros, Matthew North, Christine Poole and Nathan Rutkowski have been there for the gallery and me in every way possible. They have made the firm’s transition from my father to me possible and I genuinely enjoy working with all of them. I also thank my family for their support: Pamela Schwarz, Marie Schwarz, Elizabeth Schwarz and Jonathan Schwarz.

This is the first catalogue in the 75th year of the Schwarz Gallery. Though I have only been an active member of the gallery for a few years, this is a very significant time for me and my family. The Mygatt catalogue recalls similar collections from our past like Herman Herzog (December 1979) and the Gilman family (October 1996). Displaying artists who have not been given the recognition they deserve and will be given that chance through our exhibition. Later this year you will receive our 75th catalogue-a remarkable coincidence-this catalogue will present paintings by artists working in New Jersey, the birthplace of the Schwarz Gallery. This milestone year and catalogue is one that over many years my father had been collecting paintings for and promises to be one of our most important.

—Robert Devlin Schwarz, Jr.

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